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ITSA - Other industries

ITSA undertakes global projects for the design and manufacturing of thermoplastic and thermosetting technical products.

We provide our know-how and experience throughout the process and at the same time we guarantee a top quality product and service, which is possible because of comprehensive projects that ITSA has undertaken for other business segments.


Among the projects that ITSA has already developed, the following projects stand out: bumpers, interior paneling, etc. for the Automotive industry; technical facilities for swimming pools, domestic and urban furniture, as well as electrical shells, photovoltaic panels, etc.


ITSA offers outsourcing services in design, engineering and manufacturing of plastic technical parts to other companies. We also work as a support to other manufacturers for processing plastics, composites and paint finishes, offering the available capacity of our machines.

  • Engineering
  • Tooling Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanizing
  • Painting & Assembly
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Customer Service